Tattoo Ink Travel Case | Capacity Up To 24
Tattoo Ink Travel Case | Capacity Up To 24
Tattoo Ink Travel Case | Capacity Up To 24
Tattoo Ink Travel Case | Capacity Up To 24
Tattoo Ink Travel Case | Capacity Up To 24
Tattoo Ink Travel Case | Capacity Up To 24

Tattoo Ink Travel Case | Capacity Up To 24

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Tired of the mess of your inks when traveling? Holder Ink Products offers you the best alternatives to solve it! We created a custom protective travel solution that allows you to pack your essential kit of tattoo inks. Keep your items organized and safe during your trip.

After collecting years of feedback from users, Holder Ink® Products upgraded its collection with style and function optimizations.

 - Built to protect | We use outdoor premium quality waterproof materials to create a strong case to protect your ink bottles. With a hermetic pressure closure and weather-resistant shell, this case is ready for big days in tattoo conventions, long flights, and epic road trips. We don’t suggest throwing it, but if you do, it’s ready.

 - Hermetic sealing | Using a resistant rubber ring and pressure closure, we guarantee a hermetic sealing of the case. Our design has a pressure valve, it can be used as safety for air flights. Padlock holes available.

 - Waterproof memory foam | Our custom memory foam is designed to help to seal the ink bottle caps during travels. Combining materials for this purpose, the result was a strong water-resistant alloy with high softness and shape memory.

 - Saving space & storage | With a capacity of 24 ink bottles of 1oz, we offer you an excellent carrying and storage solution for all your tattoo inks. Our design allows you to bring the EVA foam out of the case for comfortable and efficient use. This way, you can see your entire color palette as you work. It is a big friend tool for tattoo conventions.

 - Brands compatibility | Our Case fits most brands of tattoo inks on the existing market. It is specifically designed for 1oz bottle sizes. It keeps your inks organized, secured, and ready to use.


When to use it

Everyday: Storage for your ink bottles
Traveling: Easy to carry, keeps your inks safe during the trip.
Outdoors: A rugged and waterproof outer shell means your inks are protected in all weather conditions.
While tattooing: Keep your ink bottles safe and organized while you are working.

What it has
EVA foam with 24 ink bottles capacity for 1oz and half oz.
PU memory foam to push and seal the cap of the ink bottle.
Anti-slip handle to allow easy transportation.

Thickness: 4 mm shell
Length: 10'
Width: 8.5"
Height: 4.5"
Material: Waterproof Engineering Resin & Glass Fiber

Designed to provide a better organization and carry for all of your colors. Tattoo ink bottles are NOT included.