What bottle sizes fit our Holder Ink organizers?
Our vertical model fits bottles of 1oz size, however, our tiered rows model fits bottles of sizes from 1oz to 4oz. Both widely used in countertops shop windows or showcases. It is a good partner when you attend tattoo conventions.

Should I worry about splashes or any accidental ink stain?
These tattoo ink bottle holders have been crafted using the highest-quality acrylic. The finish of our Holder Ink prevents any particles from adhering to the material, and can easily be removed with alcohol or simply water.

Does this stand come already assembled?
Our Holder Ink vertical model is composed in an entire piece, it does not need assembly. The tiered rows model is made up of three pieces, which contains 4 metal hex nuts, and 4 metal acorns. Easy to assemble.

Does Holder Ink come with a guarantee?
We offer a complete warranty if you aren’t happy with your product or if your product breaks, we’ll give you a full refund, replacement, or store credit. With Holder Ink, the choice is yours.



Are these tattoo ink bottle travel cases pressurized?
We have two models of travel cases for tattoo inks, one with a capacity of up to 55 ink bottles is not pressurized, the other one with a capacity of up to 24 inks it is; this model has a pressurized valve which you must make sure to close during flight.

Is it true that some ink bottles can leak during the flight in the checked baggage?
If your ink carrying case is hermetically sealed, the risk is zero. If your case is not pressurized, some ink bottle could be affected by the pressure, but according to the statistics of TSA (Transportation Security Administration) the risk keeps low.

Are these cases waterproof?
Yes they are. We combined outdoor premium quality waterproof materials to create strong cases to protect your ink bottles. These cases are ready for big days in tattoo conventions, long flights, and epic road trips. We don’t suggest throwing it, but if you do, it’s ready.

What size of tattoo ink bottles do these cases fit?
Both cases are designed for 1oz tattoo ink bottles, although you can also carry half ounce ink bottles if you wish.

What about compatibility with different brands of tattoo inks?
Our tattoo ink travel cases fits most of the tattoo ink brands on the existing market.

Any risk of leak of the ink bottles inside the case?
You must ensure that each ink bottle is correctly closed before placing it inside the case. Also, our custom memory foam is designed to help to seal the ink bottle caps during travel. Combining materials for this purpose, the result was a strong water-resistant foam with high softness and shape memory that presses and fits the lid of each ink bottle; this way, it reduces the risk of a leak if a bottle is not properly closed.