4 Secret Tips for Managing a Successful Tattoo Shop.

The world of tattooing is ever-expanding, with millions across the world every single year sitting down in the chair to have something important, artistic, or expressive inked into their bodies forever. It’s a business of permanent art, which comes with obvious pressures and expectations on a daily basis. More than just running a business, you are in the business of customer service, hygiene, and pure artistic talent, making it difficult to manage on your own from time to time.

If you’re looking to improve your tattoo game and run a successful tattoo shop, here are our 4 secret tips for making it a reality:

1. Location:
The location of your shop is incredibly important. You want to be somewhere that receives foot traffic since tattoos can be one of those spontaneous decisions that are only going to happen if conveniently located. Getting creative and nestling it in a flea market, or an up-and-coming retail center is also a good move, as well as near restaurants and bars that have walkability.

Additionally, don’t feel above getting started from your own home. It’s an easy way to build your portfolio while providing a comforting setting to your clients.

2. Social Media Marketing:
Basically, Instagram is the end-all, be-all for artists, photographers, and any other kind of brand today. It’s where people go to vet the business they are going to use. Since tattooing falls into the realm of vivid imagery, people want to see examples of your tattoos up close and personal. The psychology of the “like” also goes into effect, with Instagram users more likely to select the tattoo shop that has more followers/likes than the opponent.

Spend time taking high-quality photos and really investing in your social media presence. It will pay off.

3. Inviting Atmosphere:
Your shop waiting room, receptionist, design, and outdoor appearance says a lot about you and the business you want to run. Create an inviting atmosphere that is edgy and artistic, but also warm and friendly. Too many times, tattoo shops appear cold and pretentious, sending would-be clients out the door when they feel intimidated by the crowd. Keep it light and fun.

4. The Right Tools:
Now that you have the location, design, and marketing down, it’s time to talk about the tools. You can’t just settle for the second-best; you need the very best to be a trending tattoo artist. The state of your machines, inks, and needles directly impact the art you are making every single day. Keep things organized so you never have a slip-up, like considering an ink holder organizer that keeps all inks color coordinated and easily accessible.

Here at Holder Ink, we specialize in developing tattoo tools and convenient resources that make your business easier for you. Right now, we are carrying an ink organizer product that will add to your shop design, organization, and professionalism, duly noted by your clients. Consider checking it out today.